To promote policies, laws and systems/practices that advance access to adequate and affordable improved housing conditions and living standards.


  • To promote and support development, review and implementation of housing, land, WASH and related policy and legislations at county levels.
  • To promote avenues for increased land tenure for housing development and related infrastructure.
  • To enhance in knowledge to the public on existing housing, land, WASH and related laws for citizens to effectively participate in governance processes and access services.
  • To secure land for women and vulnerable communities through policy and system interventions as well as providing formal and informal mechanisms for land ownership.
  • To lobby government/s for adoption and promotion of as well as awareness to citizens on use of ABTs and affordable housing solutions as a means to affordable housing.



  • Research, policy audit, documentation and information dissemination.
  • Partnership, networking and coalition building with county governments and other stakeholders.
  • Awareness creation and capacity building.
  • Policy and legislative influencing.


  • This is a global campaign on security of tenure by Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI) implemented by Kenya among many countries.
  • Aims at increased tenure security for home owners and beneficiaries especially women and vulnerable children.