Community Support and Development Program

As a national organization, Habitat for Humanity Kenya’s (HFHK’s) primary role is to advance HFHI strategic objective of building community impact.  HFH desires to improve housing conditions of 1 million people globally by supporting low income families and vulnerable population through sustainable construction and housing support services.  In order to contribute significantly to this goal, HFHK works in tandem through partnerships at the level of communities to empower families to take action by improving their housing conditions, integrate vulnerable groups in the community, work with the local government and  private sector on essential services and pioneer affordable housing models, including mechanisms for financing.

HFHK’s programmatic principles include providing a holistic and human-centered intervention that leverages the provision of shelter and basic services as a catalyst for community transformation and lays a foundation for the implementation of multiple social, economic and environmental interventions. Habitat defines adequate shelter as dwelling that not only offers spacious and secure accommodation, but also has tenure security that safeguards against eviction and guarantees access to water and sanitation. To this effect, a new program was introduced by HFHK and began in July 2016. The programme targets families that have an income of less than $ 60 a month. From its inception, the project instituted a robust community participation mechanism for beneficiary selection and project implementation, including a participatory monitoring arrangement. Through a local based project steering committee, HFHK ensures that its programming is community-led and the local knowledge, assets and skills are incorporated as well. The aim of the Community Support and Development Program (CSDP is to provide support and capacity building to community level structures that proactively tackle housing-related challengesAdditionally, CSDP activities through direct engagement in construction, enables HFHK to mobilise global volunteers and community/corporate partners in building affordable housing and promoting home ownership as a means to breaking the cycle of poverty. Through Housing Support Services (HSS), HFH enables households to have basic services and to make shelter-related improvements that will lead to enhanced health, livelihood, and safety.