Evidence Based Advocacy

With an emphasis on policy analysis, Habitat for Humanity Kenya seeks to identify the gaps as well as bottlenecks as regards implementation of governments statutes and policies that have a bearing on land titling and security of tenure. In this programmatic area, HFH Kenya also seeks to build on the lessons learned and the experience from the “Solid Ground Campaign”  by Habitat for Humanity International which was implemented in 37 National Habitat for Humanity Organizations including Kenya.

Lessons and good practice from Evidence-based advocacy for land titling and security of tenure will be mainstreamed and adapted for advocacy and influencing activities under HFH Kenya’s other two strategic areas. This programmatic area also goes beyond advocacy to influence behavior change i.e. influence government and providers of different housing-related services. Learning and evidence on advocacy for land titling and security of tenure will help HFH Kenya to establish a community of practice for affordable housing.

Program Goal:

To ensure more families and communities live with secure land tenure.

Strategic Priority:   

We collate learning and evidence to inform advocacy for land titling and security of tenure, i.e. change systems and policies and explore more efficient ways of delivering titles and other secure tenure options.