Implementing Climate-Smart Agriculture for Resilient Livelihoods in Laikipia County

At Habitat for Humanity Kenya (HFHK), we are committed to addressing the impacts of climate change and improving the livelihoods of vulnerable communities in Laikipia County, an ASAL (Arid and Semi-Arid Land) area. Recently, we conducted research on high-value crops in partnership with the County Government of Laikipia, CSOs, CBOs, and local farmers to identify crops suitable for areas with low rainfall.

Key Findings:
1. There are significant capacity gaps regarding high-value crop cultivation among most farmers in the areas of Naibor and Kandutura.
2. The demand for high-value horticultural crops is high, presenting a wide and ready market. Current production levels are not meeting this demand.

Our goal is to address challenges in production systems and enhance productivity and livelihoods for 200 farmers in Naibor and Kandutura. We have recommended the following crops for cultivation:
1. Indigenous vegetables
2. Beans
3. Cabbages

We are working with registered self-help groups to increase sustainability and link farmers to financial institutions to improve their creditworthiness. This initiative not only aims to boost agricultural productivity but also facilitates farmers to start incremental housing construction, contributing to long-term community resilience and development.
Together, we are cultivating a brighter, more sustainable future for Laikipia County! 🌾