What We Do

Habitat for Humanity Kenya is embarking on a 5-year (2020-2025) business plan that seeks to position the organization as one of the central players in providing Adequate and Affordable (AA) housing for low income households in Kenya. HFH Kenya’s program focus is evolving from that of direct community intervention to an Integrated Systems Approach to Incremental Housing Processes (ISA2IHP).

The Integrated Systems Approach to Incremental Housing Processes underpins housing as the end product of putting together several elements responsible for supporting the provision of adequate and affordable housing. It considers housing as a long-term, incremental process, which builds on cross-sectorial interventions such as water, sanitation, energy access, land tenure, policy change and construction at different levels of governance, actors and regions.

Our housing approach supports the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and relies on partnerships and cooperation with multiple stakeholders, such as communities, local governments, nonprofit organizations, community-based organizations and private sector.

This approach to housing contributes to the attainment of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 11, – “Making cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable”

Within selected settlements, HFH Kenya undertakes to provide housing construction and training, infrastructures, capacity building, advocating for increased access to land tenure security and reducing risk and respond to disasters under four broad programmatic areas:

Our Programmes

Financing for owner-led construction

Habitat for Humanity Kenya supports in building the economic well-being of communities and individual households by improving their access and use of housing finance. Finance is critical to the incremental homebuilding process used by most low-income families to secure adequate housing.
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Settlement Based Practice

Habitat for Humanity Kenya intends to see safe and resilient communities settled within quality and affordable houses with access to basic services and infrastructure.
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Security of Land Tenure

The goal of this programme is to ensure more families and communities live with secure land tenure. We specifically support women and other vulnerable groups to secure land titles and raise their awareness on existing land laws and tenure options in Kenya.
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Disaster risk reduction and response

Habitat for Humanity Kenya supports communities in reducing risk from and exposure to disasters while helping develop sustainable disaster response interventions, from helping internally displaced people build homes to establishing WASH interventions in drought-prone areas.
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