Settlement-based Practice

A “settlement-based practice” promotes coherent and harmonized multi-sector support and assistance in a particular community. It responds to multi-sector needs and aspirations that are informed by people centered participatory processes that takes the economic, social, environmental and physical contexts into consideration.

Under the settlement-based practice concept, Habitat for Humanity Kenya plans to select communities and carry out interventions that seek to increase their safety, resiliency and better health. The interventions include;

  • Facilitating the construction of housing units
  • Working with vulnerable households to construct and/or improve, water systems, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) solutions at individual and/or community levels.
  • Facilitate the process of bringing in partners (the private sector, county governments and NGOs) to support these initiatives in the selected communities and ensure that interventions lead to intended outcomes.
  • Engage communities at grassroots level to understand their needs for solutions that lead to higher levels of individual and community resilience.
  • Convene consultative meetings, information collection and carrying out situational and individual analysis and share the outcomes with the communities for their validation.


Program Goal:    

To see 5 safe, resilient and healthy communities settled within quality housing and with access to basic services and infrastructure.

Strategic priority:   Household and decentralized local infrastructure for housing.