Vulnerable Group Housing

Faith Warui’s story

Faith Warui was born in 1988 at Mukima area, Daiga location, Laikipia east sub-county, Laikipia County. Faith is blessed with 2 children Linus and Wairimu, 12 and 7 years respectively and has lived all her live with her mother, in a wooden house with dilapidated wooden walls, damp earthen floor and poor ventilation.

Her father passed away a while ago, and her mother has been her only source of support as a single mother living with disability since birth. Faith’s condition left her in a situation whereby she cannot fend for herself thus has to rely on her mother and other well wishers for a living.

Source of income:

It has been a life of struggles trying to eke a living surviving on monies that Faith’s mother earns as a casual labourer in the nearby Mukima farms where she earns a daily wage of Kes 250(USD 2.5). They also tried to repair their house which had a leaking roof only to further puncture the remaining bit of hope.

Living in a big, warm, comfortable home was a dream to Faith considering the limited funds that they had to survive on. But that notwithstanding, Faith could still afford a smile.


Faith’s Old wooden house


Faith’s life has changed considerably with the construction of a beautiful home by Habitat for Humanity Kenya. She now has something tangible to smile about. In addition, they have access to clean water with the installation of a 3,000 litres water tank next to their home. Due to Faith’s physical disability HFHK constructed a disability friendly toilet. All this has given Faith a new lease of life and a new push to improve her and family at large.


Faith and her immediate family in front of the newly constructed HFH Kenya home

Faith has recently connected electricity to her home.

Water tank full of rain harvested water (roof catchment).


Disability friendly VIP toilet

Faith’s success story has been able to capture the attention of Laikipia County Director of Livestock and Agriculture (a senior government official at the County) through one of the HFHK advocacy organised forums. The director was moved by her story and promised to economically empower Faith and her family through a sustainable project where she received 3 chickens as a start up project. Faith currently boasts of a large pen of chicken that produces close to 25 eggs in a week. Currently, the price of an egg in her area is Kes 15(USD 0.15). Therefore in a month Faith earns an estimate of Kes.1,500 (USD15) .

This has uplifted the family’s standard of living and she’s now able to cultivate beans on her small farm with the help of her mother.

At Habitat for Humanity we build strength, stability, self-reliance and shelter.