I danced with Lucy!

An unforgettable volunteering experience by Gage Yager, CEO, Trinity Habitat for Humanity.

We held hands and danced, along with everyone else, through her new home. It was powerful! Emotional! Unforgettable! It was the closing celebration of a week’s worth of hard manual, masonry construction, labor. The tribal songs filled our ears. Tears filled our eyes. We knew not their meaning other than all were joyous and celebrating. You do not need to speak the language to understand!

Lucy is a member of the Masai tribe in Kenya. Tall, slender, attractive and regal. She is a single mom with two children, Cynthia and Mallick.  In the male dominated culture of Kenya, this makes makes her vulnerable. She lives with and cares for her mother as well who is 80 +years (no one really knows for sure). Until we arrived, Lucy’s mother had not seen any mizungu (white people).

Lucy’s previous home

If you type in the name of the small, rural community outside of Nanyuki, Kenya near the base of Mount Kenya you will not find anything. It is hard to locate on google maps. We were officially in the middle of nowhere but I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else!  Google may not know the location but our Lord certainly does! What a blessing it was to help build Lucy’s home.  What a privilege to learn from these happy and open people.







A team selfie with Lucy (middle in yellow)!
My awesome wife and daughters in Lucy’s partially constructed new home.
Team photo in front of the new house.

We poured the slab and built the walls of Lucy’s house and left the site for Habitat Kenya to complete the work. The house was finished in a few weeks and Lucy moved in with her family.


Dear Lord – Thank you so much! I work hard but I have exactly zero without your grace.  May I endeavor to earn my blessings and privilege! Please smile on Lucy and her family!

Courtesy of https://gageyager.wordpress.com/author/gageyager/