World Water Day 2023: Solving the housing problem in Kenya and solving its water and sanitation crises

As World Water Day was celebrated across the globe on March 22nd 2023 with the theme “Accelerating change.” It is unfortunate that close to 2 billion people across the globe do not have access to clean and safe water as a result hospital beds are full with patients who due to lack of water are exposed to different diseases, while others have lost their lives.

As a mater of fact, water is an important resource and has a huge impact on a community’s ability to fully explore their economic potential. In line with the theme of World Water Day 2023, Habitat for Humanity Kenya has been on the fore front in aiding vulnerable communities get access to water, sanitation infrastructure and hygiene services (WASH).

At Habitat for Humanity Kenya we recognize the fact that solving the housing problem goes hand in hand with the goal of providing ready access to safe, drinkable water and effective sanitation and hygiene services (WASH).

“We are committed to ensuring that the most vulnerable and low-income families have access to clean and safe water, we partner with other stakeholders to ensure water is easily accessible to all. We have recently drilled additional boreholes in Laikipia and Kisumu that will serve more people,” says Anthony Okoth, National Director, Habitat for Humanity Kenya.


A house is incomplete without adequate access to clean and safe water. Through our housing programme for low income and vulnerable families, many households have gained access to clean and safe water for their domestic use. All houses constructed by Habitat for Humanity Kenya are fitted with water harvesting system and storage tanks. This has saved many families from covering long distances in search of water.

In order to serve more members of the society, HFH Kenya has constructed community projects that provides clean and safe water to the residents. Kandutura community water project in Laikipia has been of great help to the locals who are usually affected by the effects of drought and adverse weather conditions. Recently, HFH Kenya drilled a borehole in Kochogo South, Kisumu County that is set to serve over 4,000 people.

“Habitat for Humanity Kenya has transformed our lives and as woman I really appreciate. Before this borehole was drilled, I could walk for close to 10Kms looking for water in the nearby rivers that are seasonal,” says Janet Kibet, a resident of Kandutura.

For increased access to clean and safe water, Habitat for Humanity Kenya continues to partner with county governments and other partners to remove the barriers that makes it impossible for the locals to have access to clean and safe water. Together we can accelerate change by making water more accessible to the local communities thereby reducing the gap to reduce the water borne diseases and deaths resulting from the use of unclean water.